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松本市 就労継続 障害者 就労 支援 サトヤマファーム

Employment continuation support type B office
Satoyama FarmDEN+

As Tobira Group, our unwavering philosophy since our founding is “for the smiles and bliss of our customers.”

Not only customers, but also local residents, partners, employees, and everyone involved, regardless of age, gender, nationality, or disability,


Our first priority is to make you feel happy.


"SATOYAMA FARM DEN+", a type B office that supports continued employment,


Based on this feeling, it was born in December 2022.

It is said that there is a place to work and a place to stay while feeling the warmth of people in a satoyama blessed with nature.

We aim to be a place of business where you can feel joy.

What is continuous employment support type B?

Persons with disabilities or intractable diseases who find it difficult to work under an employment contract at a company due to age, physical strength, etc.

This is a welfare service that provides work training.

Basically, there is no age limit.

At SATOYAMA FARM DEN+, there are no deadlines, deadlines, or quotas.

We are looking for a colleague who can work slowly in a comfortable place.

Things to do at SATOYAMA FARM DEN+.


At SATOYAMA FARM DEN+, we mainly work on strawberry greenhouse cultivation (smart farming).

In addition, we will cultivate herbs in the field using cohicus fertilizer.

In the greenhouse where plants perform photosynthesis, high-concentration oxygen flows back and forth,Fully air-conditioned to cheer you up!

Fermented coffee grounds to fertilizer. The herbs we grow are shared with the group.restaurants, hotels,Used in inns.

coffee work

SATOYAMA FARM DEN+ sells the original brand "DEN+ INCLUSIVE.Coffee & TEA ".increase. Coffee roasting, sorting and packing. I work on things like making tea bags.

We are also thinking about interacting with Nepalese farms and overseas cafes. I will practice from simple English for that.

③ togetherManagement and maintenance of guesthouses

S.At ATOYAMA FARM DEN+, we clean the attached guest house, make beds, and prepare to welcome guests. Regular maintenance of surrounding gardens.with overseas guestsin the English I learnedCan we have a simple conversation? !

In-group work

S.ATAt OYAMA FARM DEN+, we also work on restaurants, inns, and hotels within the group.

Demonstrate the skills you acquired in ③.

If you are interested in cooking and serving customers, you may have a chance to learn directly from a professional. ! ​

business day / businesstime


Monday - Friday


Service hours


Working hours


(1.5 hour break)

Holidays, Saturdays and Sundays, August 11-16

​Closed during the year-end and New Year holidays.

labor and transportation

250 yen/hour

pick-up location

Matsumoto Station

Departs at 8:40 / Arrives at 16:00

​ Shiojiri Murai StationPlease contact us.


Flow to use

① Tour (reservation required)

②Interview・Trial use

③Procedures for use

Submit a usage application to the municipality

④ Start using

​ Start using after payment decision.

Employment continuation support type B officeSATOYAMA FARM DEN+

​designated [2010201727]

〒390-0023 5471-2 Nakayama, Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture
​TEL 0263-87-8215・ FAX 0263-87-8015

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