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Release & Reconnection


Various messages are constantly coming in from all over the world. We are constantly bombarded with messages from all over the world in today's online world.

But here, for a moment, it is essential to turn off notifications or shut down the power source, if possible, and focus on the present moment with the person in front of you. 
There are no TVs or clocks here.

In the evening, sit on our unique terrace in the middle of the rice paddies and close your eyes.

The smell of the land carried by the wind. 
The sound of tiny birds flapping their wings.

When a blank space opens up in your mind, quietly open your eyes.

The water in the rice paddies will be the same color as the sunset sky.

The snow-capped peaks of the Northern Alps will loom higher in the sky than you can imagine.

You feel as if you have been here long ago.

Your whole body will be enveloped by an extensive message from nature and the universe beyond words.


Release & Reconnection.

Synchronize with the power of nature.



Experience the Nature of Shinshu
In the paddy fields and fields on the premises, you can see activities unique to the season. You can experience the old-fashioned agriculture of Shinshu.

Limited to one group per day
Old private house stay

The main building, built more than 100 years ago, retains its old-time furnishings, such as thick beams and timberwork of pillars that make you feel the weight of history—renovated to make your stay comfortable while making the most of its dignified charm.




Built from the Bunsei era

old folk house

touch history

3:00 pm


Centering on the main building, Nagayamon gate, storehouse,silkwormRenovated an old private house with even a hut, architecture, and gardens only but not the paddy field on the premises and in the area have designed an intimate stay.

On the attached farm

herbs and

Vegetable harvest experience

4:00 pm


Relax on a deck set amidst the rice paddies of the Alps.
The view of Matsumotodaira will soothe you.
You can enjoy the unique scenery of the satoyama.


with family and friends

under the starry sky

barbecue time

6:30 pm


Enjoy a BBQ under the stars at our covered BBQ area with vegetables you harvested yourself.
Stoves and other equipment are provided, so there is no need to bring your own.​

in the rice field

on the middle terrace

feel the nature

8:30 am


If you look far away, you can see the superb view of the Northern Alps and Matsumotodaira. Small flowers with unknown names at my feet, ears of rice swaying in the wind, and peaceful satoyama. The scenery will heal you.


About rooms and facilities

The total floor area is 244 square meters.
Shared space on the 1st floor, two Japanese-style rooms, and two private rooms. There is also one private room on the second floor. A maximum of 16 people can use the two-room Japanese-style room.
There is also a training building that can be used for seminars and training camps.


[ 1F Japanese-style room ] Harvest room


Tohnichi plugs in through the shoji,

It is a room where the west sun is lovely. A terrific breeze blows in open windows during the day, and time passes quietly.


Type: Japanese-style room 8 5 square meters/

Japanese-style room 1 2 tatami mats + 7 tatami mats + main dining room

Capacity: 1 to 3 people

Number of floors: 1st floor


[ 2F Western-style room ]hiyori room


It was fully renovated in December 2020!

A private room overlooking the main dining room in the atriumThis is a room with a focus. From the window, you can see the front of Nagayamon gate.

Type: Japanese-style room 8 5 square meters/

Japanese-style room 1 2 tatami mats + 7 tatami mats + main dining room

Capacity: 1 to 3 people

Number of floors: 1st floor

[ 1 F 和室 ] 清流 r o o m



タイプ:和室 10畳 16.56㎡ 宿泊人数 2名

定 員: 1 ~ 2 名  

階 数: 1 階


In addition to the main building's highly functional and stylish Western-style bathroom, there is a cypress bath in the 190-year-old storehouse. It is covered with glass, and you can feel the building's spaciousness and atmosphere.


The kitchen is fully equipped with cooking utensils and tableware, so all you have to do is prepare the ingredients. In addition to the vegetables we harvested, there is a producer's direct sales store nearby. Prepare plenty of delicious ingredients and enjoy cooking together.

About meals

We offer a dinner of seasonal ingredients from the region, served over a charcoal fire in the sunken hearth, and a healthy Japanese breakfast.

Private chef service is also available. Professional chefs from Tobira Group, including Myojinkan and Hikariya, will cook right before you.

BBQ under the stars at the roofed barbecue area with vegetables you have harvested, and we can arrange a catering service using local ingredients. The barbecue place also has a stove to enjoy the outdoors, so you don't have to bring your equipment.


[Breakfast example]

Fresh from our farm

Breakfast with pesticide-free vegetables


Breakfast is served at the facility.

You manage an organic garden made by a farmer's mother.

Breakfast (Japanese style) with plenty of freshly picked vegetables.

[ Dinner example ]

Our Special

Shinshu Pork Salt Koji Hot Pot


Yuki Takahashi, head chef of our Japanese cuisine section, will cook a pot dish made with carefully selected ingredients and

deliver to the main dining room in a self-cooking style.


If you come by car 

1. About 15 minutes (8 km) from Shiojiri Kita I.C.

2. About 40 minutes (26.6 km) from Matsumoto I.C.

3. About 21 minutes (12.1 km) from Matsumoto Airport

4. About 21 minutes (8.5 km) from Matsumoto Station

On holiday event days, there may be traffic jams from each I.C.


Parking fee:          Free for guests

Parking hours:    1 5: 00 to 11:00 the next day

Parking space:      Length 7.0m Width 2.1m Height 2.8m

Number of parking lots:     3 outdoor

Valet Service: None

For customers who come with more than one car, we may ask for your cooperation in the parking lot.

Please contact our office if you would like to be picked up or dropped off.



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